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Kendall County Historical Commission

The Kendall County Historic Commission (KCHC), originally organized in 1962 (as the Kendall County Historical Survey Committee), is charged with leading historic preservation and commemorating historic events and buildings with the Texas Historic Marker program. Members of the Commission are adults, appointed by the Kendall County Commissioner's Court for a two-year term. Its mission is to preserve, protect and promote history within the county and to that end shall:


-Conduct continuing programs of historic marker recommendations and placements in accordance with the Texas State Historic Commission requirements;

-Make recommendations to the County Commissioners Court for property acquisition, real or personal, which is of historic significance;

-Accept, whenever feasible, artifacts and other items in the name of either the Kendall County Historical Commission or the County Commissioners;

-Support the programs of the Texas State Historical Commission; and

-Encourage the preservation of historical documents and family histories.

In addition, the KCHC leads and directs the activities involved with preserving and commemorating historic events in the county.

We at the Kendall County Historical Commission have made our website a fun and educational site that we hope you will want to visit often as the site is always growing!  Our historic information is accurate but dynamic.

Use the map features to plan your day outing exploring historical markers and our various town's activities.


If you wish to contact the designer of our site or just want to let us know you are enjoying our website, please contact Ashley Maytum at

If you've been exploring our website and have an historic question you may email your question to one of our main historians Bryden Moon at 


We hope you are having fun learning about the very unique and interesting history of Kendall County!

Thank you,

the Kendall County Historical Commission

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