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Kendall County Historical Markers

  Historical markers are a familiar sight in Texas and are a great way to get to know both the state and the history where you live. The marker program is overseen by the Texas Historical Commission, working in partnership with county historical commissions. The application process for markers is rigorous and it is best to consult with local historical commissions prior to making applications.

Costs for markers on private property generally rests with the property owners. Kendall County (Boerne, Bergheim, Comfort, Fair Oaks Ranch, Kendalia, and Waring) has nearly 100 markers within its borders and 2-3 are added each calendar year.

The placement of historical markers, the largest and most public KCHC activity, requires significant work from our members and includes identifying and selecting appropriate local sites of historic interest, researching the relevant background, and submitting formal applications to the state. Both the site and the proposed wording for the marker must receive state approval. KCHC also monitors the condition of existing markers in the county.

  Historical markers in progress: The Holekamp House and Casper Sueltenfuss have been approved by the state and metal markers are expected to arrive from the foundry in 2024. The Battle of Walker's Creek is currently in discussions regarding the wording on the marker.


Scroll below to find information about historical markers in Kendall County.

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