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Ingenhuett-Faust Hotel - Marker in/near Comfort

Marker #2646 - 1985 The older section of this hotel, with its jig-cut brackets and balustrade, was built in 1880. Additional facilities were constructed in 1894, seven years after the coming of the railroad to Comfort. Both sections of the inn were designed by Alfred Giles of San Antonio. Members of the Peter Ingenhuett family operated the hotel until about 1903. It was owned and managed by Louis and Matilda Faust from 1909 until 1946.

This building, designed by Alfred Giles, was originally a 3-room building built in 1880 for Peter Joseph Ingenhuett. The west parlor wing was added in 1894. The hotel was operated until 1893 by Charles Karger who was a brother to Mrs. Peter J. Ingenhuett. Then the hotel was run by Ernst Ingenhuett, a son of the Peter Ingenhuett's. Ernst ran the hotel for about 10 years during which time his family lived there for a while. In 1894, the building was enlarged to 18 rooms.

In 1909 Louis and Mathilda Faust purchased the hotel. They operated it until 1946. After that the building fell into decline. It was in the 1980's that Dr. and Mrs. Bob Potter acquired the building. They restored it and it again became an attractive operating business with antiques and "Bed and Breakfast" accommodations.

This building was designated as Texas Historical Landmark in 1985.


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