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Stotts Home (Robert E. Lee House) - Marker in/near Boerne

Marker #14280 - 1963

Marker #23 - 1963 John G. O'Grady came from Westport, Ireland and settled on the south bank of the Cibolo Creek on the fringe of the settlement of Boerne, Texas. The land was bought on May 10, 1859. The old government trail between San Antonio and the Forts of McKavitt, Concho and Mason passed by his front door. This building is all that is left of the original buildings. Robert E. Lee is said to have stayed here when on trips between Camp Verde and Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. Merrill Bishop and Joseph Roemer writing in "The Gentleman Commander" quote him at dinner here in the 1860s.

O'Grady was a government contractor, supplying feed for the government teams which plied the old trail. He was an Indian fighter and participated in the last Indian fights in the neighborhood of Boerne and Sisterdale. During the years of 1866 to 1869 he was Postmaster of Boerne.

The O'Grady's opened a stage station here where travelers could dine or stay overnight. (Main and Evergreen Street, Boerne)

Photo Credit: Janis and Ted Maxymof


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