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Treue Der Union (Loyalty to the Union) - High St., Comfort

Marker #15 - 1968. This German language monument, erected 1866, honors the memory of 68 men (mostly Germans) from this region who were loyal to the Union during the Civil War. Trying desperately to reach U.S. Federal troops by way of Mexico, about 40 of the men were killed by vengeful Confederates bent on annihilating them in the Battle of the Nueces (on Aug. 10, 1862) and a later fight (Oct. 18). The bodies of the slain and those who drowned swimming the Rio Grande were left unburied. A group of Germans gathered the bones of their friends and buried them at this site in 1865.

(between 2nd and 3rd Streets, High Street.)

This monument in Comfort, Texas honors the memory of the sixty-eight men from this region who were loyal to the Union during the Civil War. They tried to escape into Mexico so that they could join the Union Army. They were ambushed and killed near the Nueces River. Their bones were recovered, except for those who drowned in the Rio Grande River, and buried at this site in 1865.

KILLED 18 October 1862 at the RIO GRANDE RIVER:

Joseph Elstner

Edward Felsing

H Herrmann

V. Hohmann

Moritz Weiss

Peter Bonnet, Comfort

Frank Weiss

Fritz Lange, Comfort


KILLED 10 August 1862 at the NUECES RIVER:

Ludwig Bauer

F. Behrens

Ernst Beseler

Louis Boerner, Comfort

Albert Bruns

Hugo Degener

Hilmar Degener

Pablo Diaz

F. Vater

Emil Schreiner, Kerrville

J.H.Kallenberg, Fredericksburg

H. Markwardt, Sisterdale

C. Schaefer

Louis Schierholz

Heinrich Steves, Comfort

Wilhelm Telgmann

M Weyrich

H. Weyershausen

A. Vater


H. Flick

C. Bock

F. Tays

Theo. Bruckisch

Wilhelm Boerner, Comfort

A. Luckenbach, Fredericksburg

A. Ruebsamen

L. Ruebsamen

Heinrich Stieler, Comfort



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