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The Engel Store - Bergheim General Store - Marker in/near Bergheim

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Marker #5329 - 1983 A native of Austria, Andreas Engel (b. 1864) migrated to Texas in 1885. In 1900 he purchased land here and built a cotton gin, around which an agricultural community developed. When the area post office was moved here in 1901 and Engel became postmaster, he named the town Bergheim, German for "home in the hills". He and his wife Eva opened a store at this site in 1903. Their son Alfred added later services, including a cedar yard, to meet community needs and aid local development. A symbol of Bergheim`s pioneers, the store has remained in the Engel family. (1983)

Photo Credit: Ted and Janis Maxymof


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