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Ferdinand Hohenberger Farmstead - 1010 Old #9 Hwy, Comfort

Marker #1589 - 1986. Ferdinand Hohenberger (ca. 1813-1895), with his wife Katherine Schultze and their family, left Bremen, Germany in 1855. Arriving in Galveston on November 20 after a 73-day ocean voyage, they first settled in Luckenbach (approx. 10 mi. NE). The family relocated to this area and purchased this property in 1871. Hohenberger and his family engaged in farming. He also became a freight driver, traveling between San Antonio and Indianola on the Texas coast. In 1882, Ferdinand deeded 160 acres of land to each of his sons, William and Theodor. This property was part of the land deeded to William Hohenberger. He and his family lived here until 1914, and William operated a store and post office from one of the buildings on the homestead. He died in 1932 at age 82. The property remained in the Hohenberger family until 1915. Four undated gravestones on the farmstead mark the burials of family members. In addition to the graves of Ferdinand and Katherine Schultze Hohenberger are the interments of Mrs. Reichenthin and Mrs. Hagelman, believed to be sisters of Katherine Hohenberger.

(From Comfort, take FM 473 E about 4 miles - turn N on Old No. 9 Highway and continue about 9 miles to house, 1010 Old No. 9 Highway.

The homestead is comprised of four rock buildings built between 1871 and 1882 with one addition. Rock was from property; Kiln in rear of property.



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