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Early Boerne Schoolhouses - 402 E. Blanco, Boerne

Marker #1337 - 1986. The origins of public schools in Boerne date to 1873, when the Boerne Gesangenverein donated land on which to erect a schoolhouse. A two-room stone building was completed in 1874 and served children in all grades. A small frame building was added to the property around the turn of the century, and the upper and lower grades were separated. In 1910 a new two-story stone school was built. It served students of all ages until a high school was built on Johns Road in 1929. The 1910 building was sold to the City of Boerne Utilities in 1951. Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986 (At city hall, 402 E. Blanco.)

On September 15, 1871, the Boerne Gesangenverein purchased Boerne Lots 119 and 120 of the Kuhlmann and Ryan Addition. On June 17, 1873, the Gesangenverein, at a regular meeting, resolved that they donate lots 119 and 120 to the Boerne School Society provided and on the condition that the Boerne School Society will within one year build a schoolhouse with at least two rooms. On August 18, 1874, the Gesangenverein resolved that whereas the Boerne School Society had completed a two-room schoolhouse on Lots 119 and 120 by June 17, 1874, that they be granted the deed to the two lots, "in consideration of the benefit accruing to us and our children from the establishment of an institute of learning in the Town of Boerne." This, then, was the beginning of the first official public school in Boerne. This building was used as classrooms, a lunchroom, and an exercise room at various times while a school. It became a workshop and storage area, then finally offices for the city after the property was purchased for the City Utilities.

One story stone rubble, symmetrical with porch across front, chimneys at both ends, 2 over 2 windows, two doors at front and back, large stone lintels, no sills.

Photo Credit: Dietert Historical Archives -

Patrick Heath Public Library (Boerne)



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