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Homesite of Albert Paul Kutzer - 208 E. Theissen St., Boerne

Marker #2544 - 1986. A native of Kendall County, Albert Paul Kutzer (1871-1925) was the eldest son of German immigrants Reinhold and Pauline (Holzinger) Kutzer. A merchant and gin operator, he became one of Boerne's leading businessman. He also served as mayor from 1915 to 1920, school board president, and organizer of the Old Boerne Commercial Club. Through his public service, he was instrumental in Boerne's early growth. Kutzer and his wife, Lucie Henrietta (Schwethelm) (d. 1965), had their family home here from 1895 to 1923 in a house built for his parents in 1890.

Photo Credit: Bryden Moon


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