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Kendall County Courthouse - San Antonio St., Boerne

Marker #2921 - 1970. The first and only courthouse in county erected in 1869-1870, seven years after county organization. Many locally prominent men were associated with the structure. The first county judge, Joseph Graham, was appointed U.S. Consul to Argentina. The first sheriff, Capt. John Sansom, was a member of the U.S. Army, a Texas Ranger and Indian fighter. S. B. Patton, former Alabama legislator, was elected second county judge. Early records reveal cases for horse theft, cattle rustling, illegal sale of liquor, assault. An addition was built in 1909, and structure was remodeled, 1954.

(San Antonio and Watts Streets, east of Main Street, Boerne.)

Kendall County was created in 1862 by the State of Texas in response to a petition by its area residents. The courthouse was built in Boerne, the county seat, in 1870. An entirely new front half was added in 1909 at a cost of $5,750. Alfred Giles was the architect.

Mr. Alfred Giles was born May 23, 1853 in Middlesex County, England. He died August 13, 1920 at his ranch, "Hillingdon" near Comfort, Kendall County, Texas. He came to Texas in 1873. By 1876 he had established his own architectural firm in San Antonio. Giles became an architect of international fame doing many buildings in Mexico as well as in Texas. The back half of the courthouse was the original 1870 two-story structure that was rectangular in shape and was made of limestone blocks. In 1909, the courthouse was expanded on the South side which essentially doubled the size of the building. Alfred Giles was the architect for this project. Then the entire courthouse was remodeled in 1984. The block of land where the courthouse is located was given to Kendall County by John James, the public surveyor who surveyed the city of Boerne for Gus Theissen. Records show that Joseph Graham was the first County Judge of Kendall County. Captain John Sansom, an early Texas Ranger, was the first County Sheriff.

Photo Credit: Dietert Historical Archives -

Patrick Heath Public Library (Boerne)



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