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Lex Sanitarium - John's Rd., Boerne

Marker #14702 - 1991. Shortly after coming to Boerne from Bulverde in 1919, Mrs. Adolph (Emilie) Lex saw that the community needed a place to care for recovering patients. She opened her home on Johns Road as such a place. It became known as the Lex Sanitarium. The family dining room, with its table seating twelve, became the dining place for the family, for the patients, and sometimes, for those visiting the patients. Adolph's mother lived with the family after her husband, Peter Lex, died in 1921 and she helped with the chores on the Lex farm and with the cooking and cleaning for the Sanitarium. Being a mile from the town of Boerne, the Lex Farm was convenient to the doctor's visits. Eventually, two rooms of the Lex home were converted into operating rooms in which Dr. John Francis Nooe performed surgery.



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