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Rice Home - SH27 & Cypress Creek, Comfort

Marker #15626 - 1965. There are three buildings on this complex. The first was a two-room log cabin. Using trees growing on nearby Cypress Creek, the log portion of this house was built in 1857 by Emil Serger, a master cabinet maker. He was soon joined by his friend, Paul Hanisch, a pharmacist. Two rooms were added to house for the first pharmacy in Comfort.

Mr. Hanisch married and moved, then Mr. Serger married, making a larger house a necessity. The two story "Sunday House" was built between 1870 and 1885. The three parts were connected with hallways or breezeways. There is a one story gallery across the front.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rice, interim owners, were commended by the San Antonio Conservation Society for their restoration of the property. The next owners were Mr. and Mrs. John T. Steen. This house was designated a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark in 1965.



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